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    I have an iPhone game 100% ready for coding but I need a coder!!


      Hello, I've been working on an iPhone game for about a month now. A few friends and I were brainstorming and thought of a game that would be fun to make aswell as play. It started out as a few minigames, then we thought of the character, and now we kind of realize it's like Pocket God (which is also very fun)! But not a clone of course. Wink You can trip the Rags, crush them, blow them up with bombs, cause earthquakes, drown them in quicksand, and more!

      We have all of the artwork done for Episode 1, animated sprites and all. We have a very talented audio guy, a few gifted artists, and we have already purchased a dev license. I started this whole thing myself to earn money for my college education, as the school I'm going to be attending is very expensive. Unfortuantely, that means that I can't afford to pay/profit share. But that's a lot of the reason why I did this. I've always liked to draw, and videogames always fascinated me, and I just put this whole plan together. If I were older and had money and everything, you'd be paid, believe me, but I'm just a teen right now thinking about his future. And I hope that you guys can understand that. You seem like a smart bunch. But we have a Twitter, blog, gameplay structure, plan for future episodes, and more. We have people who are willing to do crossover promotions should the app get published, and we are ready to go whenever a coder is ready to help. I will post a sprite here, the framework needs a little help with the speed and everything, but I'm pretty sure that the coder deals with all of that, but we'll get everythng settled before the coding begins. So if anyone is interested, please post a reply and we can get this going. Thanks!

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