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    3D data parsing error issue with Reader 9.3

    megakalmar Level 1


      I've got an issue with the 3D PDFs on my machine.


      It worked properly with the previous version of the Acrobat Reader (v8, I guess),but after I installed Reader 9.3 the error "3D data parsing error has occurred" for some (not all) files. The example files from Adobe webpage works properly but the files that has been printed from Bentley Microstation or Bentley PW Navigator don’t work. I can see only RGB coordinates arrows, and model tree window (but no components' property)


      I have reinstalled Reader a few times, trying older and current versions, with or without Adobe download manager.

      Any ideas how to fix the problem?

      WinXP SP3. my sysinfo and examle 3dPDF is attached . BTW the same issue with the new AdobeReader9.3 installation on Vista machine...

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          Steve Small Adobe Employee

          I know this doesn't really address the problem, but I found a workaround for this file, though it only works if you are using Acrobat Professional Extended.



          In Acrobat Professional Extended, if I right click on the active 3D annotation in APEX and select "Edit in 3D Reviewer..." from the context menu, the model is displayed in the 3D Reviewer.  I can then go to File > Export... and export a PDF that then shows a model.  That PDF opened in the Reader wihtout issue.  I don't know if there is anything missing from the model at this point, but it appears to work.  Workarounds aren't great, but they're better than no workaround.


          Hope this helps.

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            megakalmar Level 1


            Thanks for reply but it does not solve the issue. I haven't any Adobe Professional Ext. license. I am curious if you were able to duplicate the problem with Reader and I'd like to check your fixed 3D file in Reader on my machine. If this really helps I will try to use this workaround until the issue will be solved in Reader.

            Could you please send me back the file?



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              Steve Small Adobe Employee

              I believe the attached file is the fixed file.  This file is working for me in Reader 9.3 now.  I experienced the same problem with your original file.  Then I used your file to perform the steps I outlined earlier.  I know this is not a great workaround.

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                Jukka Leivo Level 1



                My first post, i work in technical support and i have run in to this problem 2 times.

                The problem files did open in another computers with same setup(I work in a really big company where the machines are basically the same).

                Reinstalling adobe reader did not help, registry cleaning and reinstalling did not help,the problem was solved by installing Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 which opened the file.

                Well this not very good solution so I was thinking that maybe there would be a better way, like actually fixing the problem, and this

                was the only post i could find about this issue which made any sense.

                Unfortunately I dont have the problem file anymore, so this is bascially just me saying that there are others as well with this problem.

                Windows XP SP 3 and Adobe Reader 9.3.0

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                  Boston_Kiwi Level 1

                  I have had similar problems using Microstation. I am using Microstation version


                  When creating the 3D PDF file from within Microstation using the print function, go to the 3D plotting settings and deslect "Convert wireframe geometry" and Convert annotations".


                  Once I deslected those two options, then recreated the 3D PDF files I was able to open them with the data parsing error.


                  Hopefully this will help for you too.

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                    megakalmar Level 1


                    Thank you Boston-Kiwi. It works! I tested printing to PDF (3D)  also with ProjectWise Navigator V8i (  and new 3D PDFs can be opened in Adobe Reader 9.3. correctly with all 3D features and model tree navigation. 

                    Unfortunatley the old files still can't be reviwed in the new Reader, but now it is minor issue.



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                      xacir-A7hv9f Level 2

                      Thx Boston Kiwi your advice work fou us!!!! 

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                        HansHoe69 Level 1

                        Hey thanks for the heads up Boston Kiwi


                        I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard, and this problem occured after updating to 9.3.1.. I purchased a registry cleaner to no avail, as that was a suggested solution I'd come accross.. 

                        So I call adobe... They insist that Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard does not support the 3D feature. And no support is provided for the reader whatsoever.  Adobe support suggested I uninstall/reinstall the software.  I did this, and was able to open the Microstation generated 3D PDF file.. UNTIL (the idiot I am) I ran the update... upon which the error returned.


                        Adobe still says that the Standard addition does not support 3D.. So their solution is A. Buy Proffesional, B: DO NOT INSTALL UPDATE... So I have mailed out IT dept, and informed them to get the info out ton NOT do the 93.1 update!! Kind of a sorry response from Adobe in my opinion..


                        So.. I came accross your suggestion here, wit hcahnging the print settings in Microstation... and it worked for me too happily..  I guess now I should direct my frustration at Bentley instead of Adobe..lol


                        Thanks Mate..



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                          Steve Small Adobe Employee

                          Well of course Standard and Reader both support viewing 3D PDFs.  This includes, but isn't limited to, rotating, sooming, panning, viewing the Model Tree, and, if the PDF's permissions allow, commenting.  Adobe support must have meant that Standard and Reader don't support conversion of 3D models.

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                            phantom agent Level 1

                            Thanks Boston Kiwi - any 3Dpdf we create now using your setting, can be viewed with 9.3 with out error message. But because of the problem with 9.3 the thousands of existing archived 3D pdf that we have already created cannot be viewed on the standard desk top throughout the organisation.


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                              kgator0412 Level 1

                              We are also seeing this error in a PDF we received from a vendor.  If I install Adobe 9, 9.1, 9.1.2, 9.1.3 or 9.2 it opens without any problems. but once you upgrade to 9.3 or 9.3.1 you get the 3D data parsing error has occued in Acrobat 9 Pro.  Adobe needs to do a update without breaking something else.  It's seem pretty standard for them to create an update to fix something and then break something else.

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                                HansHoe69 Level 1

                                Hello again,


                                We have similar problem to Phantom,  and we too have previously generated PDF's that are not useable du e to this error.. My wrath again lies with Adobe... Whom obviously do not want to concede that the problem lies with them.  Any other software provider would have acknowledged a problem, and the first response one should see when searching adobe's forum is something along the lines of...


                                We are aware of an issue in our latest update that is causing users to experience a 3D data parsing error issue with Reader 9.3.  We are workin g ot resolve this issue...  bla bla bla.


                                Instead of telling me it is my problem and the solution is to purchase Adobe Professional!!!




                                Thanks for your response too Kgator.  You state that your problem is also prevalent in Pro too?  Hehe.. that was Adobe Supports solution to the problem.. They recommended that I upgrade from standard to Pro..LOL


                                So BEST current solution to this problem is using a version of Acrobat previous to 9.3.1!!

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                                  megakalmar Level 1

                                  Hello everybody,

                                  Yes it works with the older versions, but once you install or upgrade to 9.3 you are in trouble. Reinstall of older versions, 9.3 uninstallation doesn't help. AR 9.3 corrupt all installations - I tested this wit AR7,8, 9.1-2 on XP, Vista.

                                  My advise is dont upgrade/instal 9.3 until Adobe will fix the bug.



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                                    Yogini_11 Level 1

                                    What if I'm not trying to create a 3D PDF? I'm having trouble with getting swf and fla/flv files to play in PDFs, under all circumstances. On my Windows machine, it works flawlessly. On my Linux machine, I get a 3D data parsing error every time I click any media type (audio, video, Flash) to launch it. I know why legacy/Windows formats don't work. But I don't know why Flash wouldn't work, since it's Adobe.



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                                      Parfy3c Level 1

                                      I'm having problems getting swf files to play in PDFs on my Linux Red Hat 6.0 machine. I get "Adobe Reader - A 3D data parsing error has occurred" then a black screen. I'm creating them with Adobe Captivate and Acrobat Pro 9.5. They work fine in Windows XP/7. Acrobat Reader versions on XP/7 and Linux RH6 machines are 9.4.7.


                                      I was really hoping Acrobat PDF files would work the same across our different OS platforms.


                                      Any ideas on whats going on here or how to fix?

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                                        Pam Leatch Level 1

                                        I too am aware of people running Linux OS getting this error with PDF files I create from Adobe Captivate. I do hope someone has a solution to this that they can share.

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                                          A. Grahn Level 1

                                          Instead of updating the FlashPlayer plugin used in Linux Adobe Reader 9 to FlashPlayer 10, as it was done with the version 9 Readers on Windows and OSX quite a while ago, Adobe preferred to disable Flash alltogether, mainly due to security reasons of FlashPlayer 9. (This is the reason why you get the 3D parsing error when you try to activate Flash content.)


                                          After all, it seems that they even let Adobe Reader die on the Linux platform. Sad story.