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    reading height dimensions from an external image

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      I am reading external jpegs via flashvars into an input box with the
      full URL path from the server. I have some images that are taller than
      the flash movie window. Is there a way to get the height value of the
      jpeg so that if the height is larger than the flash window, the
      movieclip will scroll from top to bottom? Here is the code I am using
      to input the jpegs:

      var image1:String;
      _root.txtImageURL.text = image1;
      mcImage1.loadMovie( image1 );

      the text field (txtImageURL.text) loads in the value (image1) through
      flashvars in the html document and puts it into the mcImage1 movieclip.

      I really don't want to revamp the entire code, but if you think
      movieClipLoader works better, I will try that.

      Thanks in advance for your input