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    Help users configure their NAT/Router

    Andre Linux



      Let's say we have a user who can't use Stratus.



      The question is: how can I help that user to make Stratus service working for him?


      There are some diagnostics tools, thanks to Mike - http://cc.rtmfp.net/


      But they do not help end-user to make stratus working for him.


      Should Stratus user port forward something? What UDP ports need to be opened? Can he really do anything to make Stratus working for him? How to enable UDP service if it is not working? Is it possible in routers?



      Also, are you considering rtmfp-over-TCP for the future development? As far as I know, Skype/Google Video/BitTorrent are available for bigger amount of users than Stratus.



      Will it ever be possible to specify STUNT/Turn proxy in ActionScript without having user to modify config files?


      Thank you!


      Keep up the great work