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    Disk Setup for CS4


      Hello All,


      Looking for some recommendations on disk setup for CS4. Some quick specs. XP Pro 64 bit,Intel i7 extreme,  12GB DDR3 RAM, and 8 Velociraptor 300 GB Drives.


      I orginally had it setup as a single Array (RAID 5 with online spare) with two partitions ( One for OS and program files, and one for storage and Scratch and Page file)on the array.  I wasnt getting very good performance so I decided to wipe and reconfigure.



      Would I be better off with 2 arrays? One array of 2 drives RAID 0(600 GB) for OS, Program Files, and Scratch Space. and the second array of 6 drives at RAID 5 (1.3 TB) for storage?


      Or maybe even go with a single drive for OS and Program Files (300 GB).  A single drive for Scratch Space (300 GB).  and then the 6 Drives in RAID 5 for storage?


      Also where would be the best loacation for the paging file?


      Thanks in advance for the help