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    Changing table style of RH8 table added by script



      I am using RH8 as part of the TCS2.

      In FrameMaker, we have icons on our reference pages. These are inserted by certain paragraph styles to identify that a section of text belongs to a product or several products.

      Previously in RoboHelp, we did not see a way to get these reference page images into our output. Recently, RJ Jacquez posted a short tutorial and made a script available for inserting images and notes from an FM table into RH automatically. (The script is called "graphiciinreferencepages.jsx" and originates from Adobe.)

      Using this script, I am able to get my icons, in various combinations, into my RH output. The script creates a table and inserts the image into a table cell. The script works for our purposes (though it was designed for note icons and subsequent text).

      However, the table created by the script leaves a lot of white space under my heading (the table is right-aligned). In RH, I can edit an individual table to give it a margin of -40px and this gives me the look I want. I tried to edit the script to add this margin, but I am not knowledgeable about scripting and I got errors. I also thought about trying to get the script to insert a table style, which I could then define in RH to have the desired negative top margin, but I failed to do this properly.

      Can someone help me either edit the script to add:  <table style="margin-top: -40px">;

      or help me change the script to insert a table with a style name?

      Here's the relevant portion of the script (made publicly available by Adobe so should be OK to post here):

                                  //Start table, table row and table cell before the first paragraph found
                                  var insertTableString = "<table>;<tr><td>";
                                      token.insertText(insertTableString, false);
                                  //Close the table cell and start the new cell before the next pargraph
                                  insertTableString = "</td><td>";


      In my case, there is no "next paragraph" so there is no second cell added to the table.


      Here's an example of how the output looks in AIR help:



      Thanks for your help.


      Alexandra Duffy