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    Split screen editing and word wrap


      Does ColdFusion Builder have split screen editing like Homesite+, and how do I turn it on?  How do I activate word wrap?


      Thanks much!



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          Darren T Cook

          Split screen:

          You can right-click the editor tab, and choose New Editor. This opens a second window to the same file. You can then tile them however you want.


          Word Wrap:

          Go to Window > Preferences > HTML > Editors. Click the Advanced tab and check Enable word wrap. Restart CF Builder. Unfortunately it does not appear currently possible to toggle wordwrap in any other way? But I did see a developer drop a hint they would try to make wordwrap easier.

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            Candyce Mairs Level 1

            In order to see 2 files tiled at the same time within ColdFusion Builder 2, follow the steps below:


            1- Open the file

            2- Right click the tab with the file name

            3- Choose Move Editor

            4- You will see the file outlined in black in the interface, it is now attached to your cursor

            5- Click to the right of the Source tab in the open area

            6- This will allow you to view both files at the same time, one above the other

            7- The file you select will be the active file

            8- You can still use the Source and browser tabs, they will reflect whatever file is the active one