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    Usage Rights lost - important info

    gmaslabe Level 1


      Today I updated a test system with a new Reader Extension certificate cause the old one had expired. After installing the new one via adminui I tried to apply usage rights but always got the message by Reader that the document had rights which have been deactivated due to changes. Very strangely using the cert on another system did work without any issues. Also tryingi different files on the system always ended up with the same result.

      Finally I used this.appRightsValidate({},2,true); in Acrobat to check what's going on with the Reader Extension Cert.

      The message was clear and crisp: The data of the signature seems to be in the future.

      So finally I had a look at the server and found that the time was right but the time zone was EST so 6 hours ahead which definitively caused Reader to deny the usage rights cause the rights had been applied on a system ahead of my computers time.

      So be aware when you getting messges by Reader like this. Use the JavaScript to really find out why the validation fails. Will save you a lot of time.