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    Best way to Dynamic Link Premiere and After Effects ..problems.





      I seem to be getting really jaggy juddery playback when I dynamic link a sequence into After Effects. Usability between premiere and After Effects is totally fine. I can jump between both progs. without any lag, or slow down. Its just when I make necessary color corrections, or VFX stuff, I go back into premiere and the replaced After Effects composition plays back slow..very jerky. I get the yellow bar above, which Im in the understanding that it should be playing back in realtime. Which it doesnt. It isnt until I render work area that I can watch the sequence in real time.


      Im at a loss. not sure if its a setting or what.


      System Specs:

      Win 7 64-bit

      i7-920 Asus P6TE SE mobo

      6gigs of ram


      1 250gb OS drive (7200)

      2 640gb Vid Storage Drives (7200)

      1 250gb scratch disk (7200)


      Graphics card is a - BFG GeForce GTX260




      Files I am working with


      23.976 fps

      captured in Premiere CS4


      After Effects settings match those of the premiere sequence.



      I am not running anything else in the background, like virus scans and my process have been tweaked following Vipers Win7 tweaked guidlines.




      I have a massive HDV project coming up for a feature lenght flick, and I am just trying to sort my issues out before then. Even though I will encounter more I would love to resolve current ones.


      I will be upgrading to 12gb of Ram before cutting HDV, I just upgraded system recently so its a fresh install as well..


      needless to say its DV footage and it should be running better I am assuming.


      my premiere benchmark is under A.Bes, was told It ran under what it should be with current setup. I have yet to try again after making modificaitons to processes and services etc.






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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          If I understand correctly, you have an AE comp in a Pr sequence.  Back in AE, you've added CC and VFX.  When you return to Pr to play the AE comp, you don't get RT playback.


          This is normal.  The CC and VFX from AE have to be rendered by AE before they are passed to Pr.  If AE won't render in RT, then Pr won't play the linked comp back in RT.


          In Pr, the yellow bar doesn't change to red because Pr has no way of knowing what, if anything, was done in AE.  All Pr ever sees are the rendered frames from AE.  To Pr, if the comp frame size and frame rate matches the sequence frame size and frame rate, then RT playback is theoretically possible.



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            A.Bes Level 1

            Thanks Jeff,


            Im an idiot. After I read your question I said to myself 'yep thats pretty damn obvious'. My AE file doesnt play back in RT.


            I guess my question can be adjusted to. Is there any way to set my ram, or cache or whatever in premiere and AE to smooth the playback when linked up a little??

            I am again assuming not. As the ram allocation between the two max out at what 3gbs?


            Thanks for the help