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    Can't Import Ai Files Into Fc


      Whenever I try to import an Ai project Fc just crashes to the desktop, no error report or popup.  Just crashes. Any ideas?





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          I have found that filters applied in Illustrator that aren't supported in Catalyst cause program instability. Not every time but enough to cause Catalyst to shut down, if not both apps. Factoring in Murphy's Law, that is, it always seems to happen when you've gone far too long without remembering to save the file.


          I have found that refraining from applying filters in Illustrator and doing them in Catalyst after the file is imported, is the most effective way to avoid filter issues. I've been doing that with Flash, too, because I noticed ai files with filters applied before importing into flash were considerably larger than ai files that had filters applied in Flash after import.


          For filter-applied ai files that could not be replicated in Catalyst, expanding the appearance in Illustrator sometimes prevented the crashes on import.


          I also discovered that cut and paste using key commands causes problems--from crashes, to nothing pasted, to not releasing the cache from the previous object pasted, preventing ANY new content from Illustrator to be pasted. I have stopped using key commands entirely, even though I'm a keyboard shortcut junkie. Using the menu or right clicking the context menu seems to prevent many of the puzzling behaviors noted in this forum.


          Yes, it's a slog, but after too many crashes of Catalyst one evening, I noticed it was messin' with Photoshop and Illustrator, causing those apps to crash even when Catalyst was no longer open at the time. It took a fresh reboot to make the other Adobe apps to behave.


          Hope this information is useful. Just my observations. No response is necessary.


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            Tara Jane Feener Level 3

            Hey Bill,

            Are you able to email us your AI file so we can investigate the issue?



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              Tara Jane Feener Level 3

              Hey K,

              Thanks for posting your observations.

              I'd really like to investigate the filters/crash issue to make sure this is something fixed for our next release.

              Would you be willing to send me a sample AI file where you've experienced the crash?

              Or elaborate on what types of filters, or what types of objects had the filters?


              There is a known issue where copying objects outside the artboard canvas in Illustrator into a Catalyst project results in an empty paste (no copied content is pasted).

              We also fixed a bug since beta 2 concerning a crash pasting copied bitmap images from illustrator into Catalyst.

              Do either of these sound similar to copy/paste issues you were encountering?

              If not, could you elaborate on what kinds of objects you were trying to copy/paste?


              I'd really appreciate some further info so we can make sure these issues are resolved in our next release.


              Thanks again!


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                katroach Level 1



                I just shipped a very lengthy email detailing the issues you requested, along with a trail of abandoned versions of the final file I submitted 30 seconds before the midnight deadline for Flash class weekly assignments. Note that I did indeed turn back into a pumpkin at midnight before I had a chance to sign off the student site. Cinderella, however managed to get away just in time.


                The zip file containing the trail of files is 3.5mg. I'll email you if the message comes back undelivered so we can discuss other transport options.


                Brace yourself. Lots of stuff. But the problems all seem to be related to how Catalyst manages cached files. I looked for a Purge feature in the top menu, as in Photoshop, Bridge, etc. Maybe you haven't gotten that far yet, but fixing cache issues sure improved the stability of Bridge, so I have to wonder if addressing the cache issue would resolve most of the other problems we are all having. I have faith. You'll get there!


                Let me know if you need more from me. I would like to send this my email to Sasha as well, as the folder issues and import peculiarities are intermingled. Some issues relate to both. I'll have to examine the private message feature so I can do that.