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    How to sample transparent color?

    Derek Toigo

      I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could go about sampling semi-opaque / transparent colors in Illustrator. When I go to use the eyedropper tool, I find that I can only sample the object's full opaque color. However, I'd like to sample the colors that have been made as a result of the reduced opacities and blends of objects I've layered on top of one another. How can I go about sampling these? Is there another tool that would be better than the eyedropper to get these colors and then convert them to swatches? Thanks so much.

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          risottodirk-btOqLf Level 2

          Double click on the eye dropper symbol. You can choose from a list of items which ones you want to sample.

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            Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager

            I can feel you pain.... I have wanted for years the eyedropper to be able to sample color in transparent area. unfortunately you can with the eyedropper.


            Here is four workaround:


            1. Select the objets in the area you want to sample color from than Choose Object > Flatten Transparency. Now you will be able to use the Eyedropper (ideally you shall make a copy of the objects, flatten, sample and create swatch, than delete the copy).


            2. Make a copy of the selected area, choose Object > rasterize, than shift+click with the eyedropper


            3. Open the Ai document in Acrobat Pro, use the Output Preview command and mouse over the area to sample. Write the % value down from the floating dialog.


            4. Place the AI document in Indesign, use the Separation Preview Panel, turn it on, and mouse over the area, the % value will be visible in the panel. Write it down.