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      I have some video footage taken with a camcorder held upside down. How can I invert the clip so it shows correctly, right side up? I am using Premiere Pro CS4


      Thank you.

          shooternz Level 6

          Use the 'Motion > Rotation" Control in the FX Window

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            Shab3d Level 1

            Will this invert the whole clip?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              Will this invert the whole clip?


              Yes. If parts of the Clip do not need this treatment, use the Razor Tool. If later parts DO need the treatment, just go back to the first Rotated Clips, Rt-click and choose Copy, then go to the later Clips in need, and Rt-click, choosing Paste Attributes - you can lasso or Select several later Clips to Apply Attributes.



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                Shab3d Level 1

                That is perfect and it did the job. It is even better than applying

                Transform>Vertical Flip, because I needed to apply a second effect to it,

                the Horizontal Flip, since the vertical flip creates a mirror image. So your

                method solved my problem.


                If you are interested as to why I need to do this - I started experimenting

                shooting 3D footage with a pair of point-and-shoot cameras, but in a rig

                like this, one camera needs to be placed upside down so as to get the lenses

                as close as possible. Ideally they should be about 2.5" or normal human eye



                But I still have to cross many bridges before I can compete with James







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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Great news, and thanks for reporting!


                  I just figured that it was a camera mounting issue. At least you did not have to mount them sideways. That can be corrected too, but then one has to handle the aspect ratio being totally off, and that gets a tad sticky, as one usually ends up Scaling and Cropping, and quality will suffer.


                  BTW - how did the 3D experiment pan out?


                  Good luck,



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                    Curt Wrigley Level 4

                    This topic reminds me of a technique some use for filming green screen shots.   The more pixels at the edge of a green screen matte the better,.  This is why closeups often look better than wide shots.  On a really wide shot you have many fewer pixels at the edge of the matte.  So, some folk film standing shots with the camera mounted sideways (90 degrees)   In todays widescreen format you can get significantly more pixels at the matte edge if you film a standing shot sideways as opposed to landscape.  Makes the matte edge a little cleaner in the end; and its trivial to rotate it 90 degrees in post.

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                      Shab3d Level 1

                      The 3D experiment is still an ongoing project, it will take probably the

                      rest of my life


                      I have been doing still stereo photography for many years and I am pretty

                      good at it, but doing 3D video involves quite a bit more hardware and

                      patience to say the least. Although Fuji is the first maker to have a "real"

                      3D camera, most of us use two side-by-side digital still cameras, which must

                      be synchronized, either internally or externally, so when you shoot moving

                      objects, you will end up with the same instance of the still picture. That

                      adds a significant amount of money to the rig, but it's doable. When it

                      comes to video, if you shoot with the same synchronized rig you end up with

                      two clips, and usually the left is upside down. If you shoot with two

                      camcorders, you end up with both clips in the correct orientation.


                      That is only one part of the challenge in 3D video, the other challenge is

                      editing. Unlike editing a single clip, for 3D video you must edit both clips

                      at the same time and apply the same editing corrections equally to both.

                      When using two camcorders, although if they are synchronized externally by a

                      device called a LANC controller, they may still be one frame off, it is

                      possible in Premiere to move one clip on one video track, so you can match

                      the clapboard sound spike. Most of this is theory for me as my experience

                      with video editing is very limited. I am thankful that Premiere CS4 finally

                      allows one to lock two clips for some of the editing procedure, but not for

                      everything, so that will make life easier.


                      I am retired and do all this for fun, so I must push myself as I don't have

                      any real deadlines or unlimited amount of self discipline...


                      Well, you asked...sorry for the long reply and thank you again. I hope you

                      get some credit points from Adobe for the correct answer, or do I have to do

                      something so that you do?






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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Interesting technique. I see where you (and they) are coming from on this. Would never have thought to do it this way.





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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          I appreciate the reply.


                          Great luck on your Project and most of all - ENJOY!



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                            Shab3d Level 1



                            Thank you.



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                              Powered by Design Level 4

                              You can nest those 2 clips together then cut them up like they are one clip.


                              Also make sure when you line up the clapboard you use the Audio timeline so that there is 48000 frames per second.


                              It makes getting the timing more close since at 30 fps it is sometimes off by fractions of a second.



                              Have fun:   GLenn

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                                Shab3d Level 1

                                Thank you Glenn.


                                I assume that when I am done and "unnest" the clips, they will separate as

                                two independent clips - correct?



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                                  Powered by Design Level 4

                                  inside the nested sequence they will stay separated.


                                  but by nesting them you can treat them like one clip.


                                  You can always go back inside the nest and make changes.


                                  they wont merge




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                                    Shab3d Level 1

                                    Thank you.


                                    My question is: After I finish editing, can I separate these again into

                                    individual clips?



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                                      Powered by Design Level 4

                                      they always stay as individual clips.


                                      the ones you nest and edit are not the original videos.


                                      premiere just references the original video.


                                      no need to separate later since they always stay intact.




                                      Is that what you mean ?




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                                        Shab3d Level 1



                                        Here is what I mean, or need, rather:


                                        I have two original clips that need exactly the same editing, so I will nest

                                        them together and perform all the editing. At this point, I need to be able

                                        to "un-nest" the clips somehow since I need to end up with two individual

                                        movie clips.


                                        So, my question is if this is possible?


                                        If you are curious as to why I need this, here is the reason: I shoot

                                        simultaneously with two camcorders that are synchronized, in order to create

                                        a 3D movie. I end up with two almost identical clips. In order to show the

                                        clips by projection, I need to feed each clip to each of two digital

                                        projectors. So after editing, I must have two separate movies, one for the

                                        left projector and one for the right. When these are projected on a screen

                                        through the projectors, they are two ever-so-slightly different movies - one

                                        for the left eye, one for the right eye. Special software on the computer

                                        tell each projectors to show only "its" clip. Each projector has a

                                        polarizing filter in front of the lens, and the audience wears polarizing

                                        glasses to "separate" left and right pictures which are projected one of top

                                        of the other.


                                        This is pretty much the magic of 3D digital movies and it is almost the same

                                        as the "big guys" do it in contemporary movie theaters these days. The only

                                        difference is that I use two digital projectors and they use a single

                                        projector with a special filter that separates left and right images. RealD

                                        is the company that has the monopoly on this filter (shutter switch which

                                        does it at 120 Hz).


                                        The difference? About $100,000. So I can do it for about $2-3K and "they"

                                        need megabucks...


                                        I have done this in the past, but so far my editing process has been painful

                                        as each clip, albeit on its own track, needed to be edited separately and I

                                        need to match visually as best as I can the process to be the same for both



                                        So, in conclusion, I am trying to find a better mouse trap and in the

                                        process create a better place to live in


                                        Thank you for your patience with me. I appreciate your help a lot.




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                                          Powered by Design Level 4

                                          I see what your going for now.


                                          I cant think of anything off hand but maybe someone else could think of a way.




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                                            Level 4



                                            Do you have any sort of illustration or something to explain what you just said about the green screen and shooting sideways with a widescreen format ? I'd appreciate it...


                                            I recently worked on a shot that was done that way for part of the day....and I'd like to understand more WHY it was done...


                                            I just don't quite get it pictured in my head yet but I think some kind of illustration would do the trick.





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                                              Shab3d Level 1

                                              Thank you very much Glenn.