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    AIR and a Javascript function


      i have been through about 7 pages of the forums looking for an answer to this one and I can't seem to find it, it seems relatively straight forward even with the security specifications.


      Alright ,

      Here is what I am trying to do ,

      I need to call a function in the parent frame or main window from a child frame .


      I know I hate using Iframes too but this project requires it so I am stuck with that one.



      Here is the frame


      <iframe src="" id="childFrame" name="childFrame" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="100%" sandboxRoot="serverroot.com"></iframe>


      Pretty basic but wanted to show it anyway


      the function in the main window or parent is as follows


      well say


      function testFunction()[

           alert("this works");



      with the security protocols I have read it is written like this .


      var interface = {};
          interface.testFunction = function(){
           alert('This Works');
         document.getElementById("childFrame").parentSandboxBridge = interface;



      In the child frame we call the function


      The basic function call would be




      with security its more like this




      Nothing I do seems to work, if anyone has any clues or Ideas I would appreciate it , I am actually stumped on this simple function LOL .


      I guess everyone is allowed a humbling experience.