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    Encore Problem from PP - Build, Change and Re-Build

    EckleySP Level 1

      I have a Premiere Pro project with one sequence.  The name of the sequence happens to be the name of the project -  I hope that's not confusion Adobe - however, this is what I've done . . .


      I created the Encore file from within Premiere Pro using Dynamic Link.  I built the project in Encore to a DVD.


      Then I made some changes to clips in Premiere, and sure enough, I can see the changes in Encore.


      However, when I go to build another DVD - I expect to see the changes I made - Encore does not transcode anything, but simply starts to write to the DVD.  The result is the same as the first time I built the DVD - it does not have the changes I made in Premiere Pro.


      I assume there are redenered files - somewhere - that Encore is using to write to the DVD - that is, it's too dumb to realize it needs to re-transcode the project because it changed.


      And I assume this is a bug that no doubt someone (like Adobe) knows about.


      Any work arounds?  If I find these rendered files and delete them, Encore will have no choice but to re-render the project and include my lastest changes.  Seems like a real pain. . .


      Any of this make sense?


      I am runnning an INTEL i7 on Windows 7; 64 bit.