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    CS2 Illustrator Crashing


      Something strange happened to my CS2 Illustrator on my mac today. The program crashed and now I every time I try to open any AI file it crashes as it tries to open it, every file crashes the program. I thought it was corrupted so I reinstalled the program but the problem still persists. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I would like to try to reinstall Illustrator again but is there a proper way to reinstall and remove all the existing preferences in the process...if that's what's causing it to crash.
      Any help would be really appreciated.


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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          Best to deactivate use the uninstaller I do not recall if it is in the Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installer folder or in the Illustrator Folder.


          There should be a check box to remove the preferences folder and serial number as well. Even after that you should go to User/Username/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator CS 2 Settings and trash the Adobe Illustrator CS 2 Settings folder as well as the com.adobe.illustrator.plist file also in your users preferences.


          Then search in the same usersm Library directory of any Cache files associated with Illustrator as well as Application Support folders but only for Adobe Illustrator.


          then restart the computer ...oh wait I don't know if you ar on a Mac or Windows system this is for a Mac system.


          If you have a Mac after restarting the computer repair the pernissions then reinstall Illustrator CS 2 you have to tell us something about your system.


          Allof this would be the same for Windows except where al of this would be located is another story so if you are on a Windows Jacob or Mylenium or Scott or other will have to assist you further.

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            tuanhuynh Level 1

            Thanks so much for your help. I will do exactly what you've written and see how that goes.