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    CS4 locked up and corrupted my project


      I've hit a brick wall.


      While working the program started misbehaving so I saved and closed. When I went to reload the project it would get almost done then hang up. Even the autosaves locked up. Then I took my media offline and tried it. I removed the cache files and tried it. Nothing.


      Now all my work is lost.


      Here is the file on my website where the video can be found.


      It's a 32 Mb project. The XML checks as valid according to XML wrench.


      If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Right now my confidence in building large projects with premiere is shattered.




      Jeff Goin


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          EckleySP Level 1

          Sounds like the same issue I had.   I tend to save large projects frequently; I don't recall that having anything to do with the issue, and my back up files seemed OK, though I went through a few minutes of panic thinking I had lost everything.  I have a ticket open with Tech Support - No word yet, but when I get a response, I'll pass it on.    - Scott

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            EckleySP Level 1

            Here's a note from my post.   If you were using a multi-camera sequence. . .


            "There's a bug in Premiere that causes a project to hang when attempting to open it if the Multicamera monitor was left open at the last save of the project, and then the program was closed. The solution is to import your "hanging" project into a new project, and then remember to close the MC monitor before you save and exit the program. It's a pretty annoying gotcha..."



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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              I tried importing your project into a new, fresh project, and it threw a Dynamic Link error. That usually doesn't bode well for reopening a project in Premiere. However, I was able to import your project into After Effects, and I saved it back out as a fresh Premiere Pro project file. I will warn you: the result is not usually pretty when you do this, but it might save your bacon.


              Check the attached zip file for your finely-chopped project file... good luck...

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                Jeff.Goin Level 1

                I do have a large number of clips (3500) in several dozen bins but I wouldn't have thought that to matter since they aren't loaded into memory. When this project corrupted there were only about 1000 clips since I hadn't loaded all of them.


                But how do you peruse what you've got without importing them all?


                The project is actually four related training videos and so there will be periodic opportunities where I want to look at clips from all over.


                Hopefully there can be resolution or it just doesn't bode well for using this platform.




                Jeff G.

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                  Jeff.Goin Level 1



                  No I'm not doing anything with multiple cameras in Premiere. I do have some multi camera stuff but it will be cut together from the tapes.


                  This problem happened while doing basic editing. The only minor complication may have been one nested sequence which I've used without problem before.


                  Thanks anyway.


                  Jeff G.

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                    Fighting Sticks Level 2

                    I've had problems with corruptions when I haven't kept my system optimised.  Try the 'Knowledgebase' search for 'optimise sc4 xp', follow the process, I hope this may help some of your problems.

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                      Jeff.Goin Level 1

                      Thank you for doing that. Although it wasn't useful in the normal sense, it did at least

                      show what clips I used for the 3 minutes I'd completed.


                      And I appreciate the time.

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                        shooternz Level 6

                        Jeff... are you able to start a new project at all. (I am wondering if it is a project corruption or an application corruption.)


                        Try to open the project in another system ( without media) if you can or have that option


                        I know its far too late (maybe) but are you relying entirely on "Auto Saves" for backing up Projects.  I always have at least one Save as "BACKUP" on every project.


                        Best of luck. (Feel fo you)

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                          Jeff.Goin Level 1

                          I am able to open other projects fine.


                          At first I tried the autosaves, then I tried it without my media connected, then I emptied the cache, then a bought a new, much more capable computer (a planned acquisition made more urgent) and loaded everything onto there. It had the exact same problem. Still dead. All the work put into it gone.I'm distraught about the lost time, to be sure, but even more so to think this could happen again, but what am I to do? I've got too much invested, both in knowledge and money, to switch platforms. I wonder how often this sort of catastrophic loss happens on Macs?


                          I've now dramatically lowered my expectations of premiere and will no longer count on it for large projects that have lots of loaded clips. What a shame, of course. I'll try bridge to hunt for media and only load the clips that I'll be using on the timeline. I'll make each chapter (about 10 per video) a separate project then combine the rendered results in a final project that will have only those 10 clips.


                          Fortunately, this is my last big project. The next one will have 1 tenth the number of clips (300 or so as opposed to 3500) and the next one after that is being produced by someone on fcpro.


                          Premiere appears good for either smaller projects or those requiring only a few hundred clips. Beyond that, you're asking for dissapointment. It has great features, a decent interface and nice results when it works right.

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                            Jeff.Goin Level 1

                            This was informative and a page I should have paid more attention to before starting the project.


                            My XP computer is not up to the minimum and even my new win7 machine, which has plenty of ram (6Gb), only has a 2.8 Ghz processor which was the fastest offered in that model notebook.


                            Plus, my disk drive was near capacity. So I suspect that could be causing many of my problems. Hopefully, anyway.


                            I will now ONLY do my editing on a 7200 rpm drive, and on the new machine (6Gb ram) along follow the optimizing suggestions for win7.


                            The page you referred to after searching "optimize cs4 xp" is



                            Thank you.