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    Premiere Pro CS4 - Video Problems!


      I have opened a video in a new Project in Premiere Pro CS4 and the Frame rate is 25 Frames per second.

      The Audio of this avi file is working fine, but the video part is running extremely slow. In fact, it barely moves at all.

      As the audio runs it takes 4 seconds for the first frame of video to appear and another 4 seconds for the next frame, and so on...


      Here is the information/properties of the avi files I am trying to use -

      Frame Width - 640

      Frame Height - 352

      Data Rate - 9 kbps

      Total Bitrate - 138 kbps

      Frame Rate - 25 frames/second

      File Size - Between 346 and 350 Mb

      Audio - 128 kbps


      I have used Windows Movie Maker to create Fan Videos from the same TV Show episodes I am currently trying to use and it runs fine. It runs on default settings and as I said, works fine.

      Also, the completed Movie Maker videos run fine in Premiere Pro as well - these have different settings to the original episodes, but their frame rate is still 25 f/s.


      Could it just be that I am not creating a project with the correct settings when I begin??


      I have only just bought the Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium so I am not really that familiar with Premiere Pro, although I have watched many Tutorials on Lynda.com and hey have helped in teching me how to use it, I cant find anything to say why my video is running the way it is.


      I am running a 32 Bit - Windows Vista,

      4 GB RAM,


      500 GB Hard-Drive,


      ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro Graphics Card


      Core 2 Duo 2.83 GHz Processor




      Please help... I need the answer A.S.A.P!!!