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    Similar to Pixel Motion ?

    Jeff S GP2 Level 1


      I really like the Frame Blending/ Pixel Motion effect,  unfortunately this can only be achieve if the initial comp/layer is a video, or image sequence.

      I have a series of  still images on separate layers in various Comps, these are nested within my Final Comp (still retaining their transparency)..  Is there a way i can achieve a similar effect to apply on my final animated Comp layer? Either through an AE work around or a Plugin?

      I've tried the Force Motion FX but its too subtle to be noticed.

      Thanks for any ideas.


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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Render to a lossless file with alpha channel and re-import?

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            Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

            There's no need to export a file.

            You can apply the Timewarp effect directly to a Pre-Comp.

            Timewarp includes Pixel Motion as one of its' methods. Note that at default settings, Timewarp sets speed to 50 per cent. You can change it to any other value, but if you set it to 100 per cent, Pixel Motion will probably not trigger at all.

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              Jeff S GP2 Level 1

              Thanks, Aldolfo

              I've been experimenting with the TimeWarp/Pixel Motion settings. 

              I'm liking some of the results, but  somehow they're not behaving as i'd like. The effect is somehow very much effected by the time aspects, yielding strange timing results. A setting of 100 corrects this.... but as you mention it doesn't trigger any effects.  A pity.

              I guess I'm looking for a similar effect which doesn't mess with the time aspects...  ie:  If I have 10 still frames of a  cube spinning around its axis, and pre comp/stretch this into a 120 frame comp,  I'm looking for an effect which will merely interpolate between frames.. kind of like an inbetweener.

              Any ideas of an AE functionality or plugin for this?



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                Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                One thing you may try is speed up the footage (using Time Stretch) to 50 per cent, and then apply Timewarp at 50 per cent, set to Pixel Motion (note that Time Stretch's values are "stretch factor" and timewarp's is a more traditional speed percentage, so Time Stretch at 50 per cent would be 200 per cent speed).

                There are a million other things you could try. For example, "Posterize Time" undersamples the frame rate, and then you could use Timewarp/Pixel Motion on top of it. If you set Posterize Time to a really low frame rate, then you may get some extreme frame interpolation.

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                  Jeff S GP2 Level 1


                  Thanks, Adolfo


                  Yeah, I discovered that setting the Speed to 50,  then pre comp this into another with a time stretch of 200% came very close.  However, I’m also trying to utilize Time Remap for lip sync,  I’m concerned that  enabling Time warp will create strange timing behaviors.


                  I’ll try messing with the "Posterize Time" settings, as per your suggestion, and see what happens.


                  Thanks again