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    Editing 24 fps Progressive content


      Hi Everyone,


      Does anyone have a good workflow for editing 1280x720P 24 frames per second content?  As you know, this is now increasingly common as almost every digicam and many high def recorders record at this profile.


      The problem in Premiere Elements 8, as far as I can tell, is that it doesn't have an internal Project Setting for 24P content.  The project settings for HD only have 25 frames per second.  I think that this is a bit brain dead these days because 24P content is now really common from digital cameras and HD recorders.


      When I read in 24P content and try to export at 24P, I can clearly see the once per second jump caused by the frame rate conversion in Premiere Elements 8 from 24P -> 25P -> 24P, presumably caused by the internal frame rate conversion to 25 frames per second.


      Is there any way to just edit the 24P content without explicitly triggering a frame rate conversion,eg, everything just plays at 1/25 faster?


      I don't know if I have phrased this correctly but I hope that I am making myself understood.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I don't recommend trying to cut 24p with Premiere Elements. Any solution you come up with with be a hybrid. (Remember, in addition to the frame rate, you're dealing with a progressive scan rather than an interlaced image -- so it's going to probably look a little strange.)


          I really recommend, for this professional format, you go with Premiere Pro (Or, if you're on a budget, Sony Vegas Pro). You'll struggle a lot less with a program designed to work with this particular format.