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    Understand "Department Script" in Employee Directory [Adobe AIR app]


      Ok, I ve been bashing my head around for long enough with this simple issue... I hope to find enough info to make good use of a great button in ED.


      The Department link. When viewing an employee's information in ED you can click the employee's department name and will be taken to a new panel that display all other employees in the same department. Wow, I like it....


      As much as it is good to see who else is in a department I wish I could simply use this as a static list because if I don't know the name of the employee in a specific department... well I just can't get there or take advantage of that list....


      So I went, as usual, and though I could just re-use the same script and create a static list...but, as usual, The app is way to tightly knot together that I can't seem to knock out it's relation to the employee....


      I though I would have to go back and find where it starts [IE-    dataProvider="{ department.employeees }"]   and use the dataProvider to populate my new list (in this case a datagrid)....


      Well it doesn't work, and my knowledge is too weak to figure it out as I still struggle with the syntax and it's meaning.... I think I am getting confused mostly by the  [    change="displayEmployee (event.target.selectedItem as Emlpoyee)     ] any part of script related to that change employee thingy just put out and I feel that must be the part that's linking the info to the employee at hand.


      I am out of ideas?!


      where the only way to trigger the department panel list is to open a employee from that department first...




      Here's what i am trying to do....



      Instead of clicking on the department link in the employee bio...i want to click on a button that would open a panel with a static list that never change, like the one i added at the bottom of the screenshot.


      Thank you



      Employee directory files can be found here  :



      More information can be found at the original post that i made here [  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/545756?tstart=0  ]


      I created a new post as it is more clear and will be more usefull to more ppl if we find the solution.


      Thank you, again!