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    General help, please?




      I just seem to be having trouble running the whole elements 8 properly.

      The footage I use is from a Sanyo xacti, 1280x720, h264, had to change it to .qt to make it work at all.

      Now, even though I should be within the hardware requirements (pentium dual core 4200, 2 ghz, 3 gb ram) i can't even watch the files in the preview fluidly. and as soon as i want to render to see the results of my editing i just get a turquoise screen where the video should play.

      Bit of a longshot, I know, but any help would be appreciated. Bought a new computer, new program and still can't really edit...




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          With version 8 you should not have to convert that video to work with it. You should be able to use Premiere Elements to download that video directly to your computer. (I don't recommend you capture with another program in this case.)


          But you will have to use the correct project preset to match the video. When you start a new project, go to Settings and select 1280x720 from the hard drive camcorder options.