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    A few problems in Premiere CS4


      We've been using CS4 at my work for a while now, and have had no problems with HDV capturing and editing.


      A few days ago we got a Dell laptop in, 8 gig ram, 1 gig video card (ATIMobility Radeon HD 4670) and Windows 7 64-bit


      Wenever we try capturing in HDV footage, the footage has green pixels in it. Then, usually, the ImporterProcessServer will crash, pointing to

      IPPMPEGDecoder.dll as the problem.


      I've searched on the net, and some people suggest to re-name this .DLL file, but when I did that, I had to re-install codecs, which would fail at around 8% or so.


      I tried copying the same file from Encore, same problem.


      I've downloaded the latest update for Premiere, still same problem.


      I've tried many different tapes, and same problem.


      Anyone know of a solution? I tried updating my video card, but Windows said it is up-to-date.


      Any help would be appreciated.