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    A way for beginners to learn?

      Well, i dont have any programming history, unless you count calculator programming. So I wish to learn AS3, but it's hard to start. Does anyone have any tips on how to get me started?
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          FireFreek wrote:
          > Well, i dont have any programming history, unless you count calculator programming. So I wish to learn AS3, but it's hard to start. Does anyone have any tips on how to get me started?

          Lynda.com is a pretty good place for beginning.

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            FireFreek Level 1
            Well, thanks for the site. I watched all the demos, and they helped a bit, though, I still could use more help
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              1. You won't learn anything through the Adobe forums. I don't think there are very many people out here because nobody ever answers any posts. When you are looking at forums... Look at the number of replies and when they were replied to. Go to Flashkit.com. They reply to 98% of the posts in a timely fashion.

              2. Search Google for AS3 Video Tutorials or beginner tutorials.

              Hope it helps.

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                that's a pretty inaccurate thing to say spectacular. the overwhelming majority of posts in this forum have replys. and the posts in this forum that have no replys are almost always either

                1. not related to an actionscript issue
                2. ask responders to download a file
                3. contain many lines of code.


                4. duplicate posts.
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                  Rothrock Level 5
                  No way. I mean 26,325 replies. You must just be responding to the same one post over an over!

                  SpectacularStuff – you are so blowing smoke up somebody's orifice!

                  FireFreek – I find it hard to belive that you watched all the demos and learned them all in about 6 hours? Considering that the site lists 7.5 hours of training just for AS3 alone!

                  Anyways, the best way to learn AS is by doing it. Pick yourself a small project. Break it down into its component parts and try and do it. Read the help files – personally I found them more helpful in Flash 7 and 8, but they aren't too bad and will help you out.

                  Don't be afraid to put aside whatever you are actually working on to make a small little test file to see how some specific little part of your project would work.

                  And post here with specific questions. Don't expect anybody to do the whole project for you – well NSurveyor might, but he hasn't been around so much lately! :)

                  So for example don't expect that you will be able to build a fully functional dynamically loaded and user configurable video/mp3 player with closed captioning, e-mail interaction, and an xml generated photogallery on the first day. Also don't expect that anybody is just going to do the coding for you!

                  Work on parts of it. Work on just some basic video or just a little dynamic XML from a back end database, etc. Ask for specific help in specific posts. Different volunteers here have different skills and areas of expertise so it is good to get their attention by creating posts that reference their specific topics.

                  Good luck.

                  PS: The forums have been down for most of the past week due to a planned (and failed) forum update from Adobe. So if that may be why it seems that there aren't too many questions being answered. But usually these are very lively forums.
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                    scrfix Level 1
                    All I can base my opinions on is my related issues and a lot of other related issues within this forum. Not even a comment in them. I even had to reask for help with something that nobody bothered to answer. What other impression am I to receive from these forums? There were a lot of others in here that I noticed were here after 3 days unanswered. Now, I was unaware that the forums had been down for a few days. There would be no reason for me to think this as I was able to get to them with no problems. The few posts that I had here went unanswered except for 2 now; this one and another one. (Giving credit where credit is due, kglad is the one that answered the other post as is absolutely brilliant at AS3 WOW!!!!).

                    What else am I supposed to think? After my other post was here for 4 days unanswered I posted in flashkit and had help in about 2 hours. You tell me what to think. When I wrote that I looked and the first page of requests and all of the replies were 0,0,0,0,0,17,0,0,4 or something close to that (including mine that had been there for 4 days and was close to the top.)

                    I did post the answer in the forums here too I believe for that post. Having one or two people that are extremely knowledable are great however when I say too many people it is because as great as those people are even kglad with over 26,000 replies and yourself with over 4,000 replies are two people. That is fantastic however it is also a bottleneck at the same time. You two have lives, the amount of requests that come in cannot possibly be answered by only two people unless you work for adobe and are getting paid for answering. How many other people are here with the same replies? Are they still active within the forum? Those are the types of questions that need to be answered. Again, I am only going by my experience with this forum and others.

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                      Rothrock Level 5
                      Yes there are many active people. A lot of folks use newsreaders to answer questions and those folks don't show a count under their names. Also some come and go more than others and you might see them for awhile, but then not for a few weeks.

                      None of us (at least that I know) are paid by Adobe for this. There are a few authors and others who might have some other arrangements with Adobe.

                      Despite the past week. I would say that this is one of the quickest, liveliest, and best places to get advice that I have visited for the last 5 years. And yes while we could navigate here during the past few days you might have noticed a distinct lack of "reply" or "new topic" buttons almost the entire time.
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                        scrfix Level 1
                        I didn't notice the lack of new topic buttons or reply hence how I was able to post topics and reply to this one. However I must say that today's look at the first page shows that almost all but 1 post has been answered which is indeed a major improvement and kglads response time to my other post was quite quick.

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                          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                          i don't think anyone was able to post in any of the adobe flash forums (and probably the other forums) between 9/23 and 9/28. adobe was attempting to change the basic structure of all their forums. it appears they've given-up, at least, for now and we're back to the old forum setup.