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      I have a jpg image,

      How can I use Macromedia Fireworks 8 to add 50% transparency to the image?

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          Ma Wing Pui;
          You can alter the transparency of a jpeg image that is open/imported
          into fireworks, however no image editor can save or export a jpeg image with
          transparency because the jpeg format simply does not support it. -Tom

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            pixlor Level 4
            Depending on your needs, you might be able to achieve the effect you need with an opaque .jpg.

            If the .jpg is to go over a solid color, modify the canvas color to your background, set the opacity of the .jpg image to 50%, and export. The resulting .jpg won't be transparent, but it will have that effect.

            If the .jpg is to go over other content in a fixed position, then import the other content in the proper placement. Layer the .jpg over it, set the opacity to 50% and export. Again, the result is not a transparent .jpg, but you get the effect.