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    Source Code Editor Framework for Flex

    Alessandro Belmonte

      Dear Flex Forum members:


      As a Flex newbie a quite important question in relation to the "Flex frameworks world" still remains to me, even after some google search sessions:


      Does there exist any (preferably free) Flex framework or Flex component covering the functionality of a source code editor with syntax highlighting and syntax checking? -- Anything comparable to the Editor Framework within the Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) or even to the Eclipse GEF (Graphical Editor Framework)?


      The background is as follows (and as described in more detail in my first post to this forum):

      An Online Shop Management Component shall offer the ShopManager to specify the products and offers in some declarative way and after a pre-defined grammar in place. The application frontend must be realized in Flex, and that's the reason why I'm now searching for:


      1. some kind of textual or graphical editor framework for realizing the Shop Manager's editor which shall support him/her in creating shop specifications/configurations in a grammar-conforming way through syntax color highlighting and syntax checking (error feedback), and
      2. this editor framework being intended for Flex (i.e., being a flex framework)


      In some way, much of the editing/modeling functionality is identical to the one offered by Flex Builder (Eclipse application), but in my case this functionality must be exposed as web application (Flex component running on the browser).

      Aps., would it also be possible to realize the Shop Management Component as AIR app, distribute it through a web page and run it locally on the Shop Managers client desktop???


      Which products/frameworks do you know for accomplishing this task?


      Thank you very much for any help.


      Best regards