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    Need help connecting database in Dreamweaver MX

      I'm using Dreamweaver MX, XP Pro and IIS. I installed the latest version of PHP (5.2) and have mySQL and the ODBC driver installed.

      I set up the testing site in Dreamweaver. Yet, Dreamweaver cannot locate my database(s).

      I followed steps to edit the PHP.INI file to work with Dreamweaver correctly, yet it's not working. However, now instead of getting "An unidentified error has occured", I'm getting the vague "HTTP Error Code 500 Internal Server Error" error.

      PHP was installed manually at first but that didn't work right so I reinstalled it using the auto install. It should be accurate, only I can't see where I would enter the path to the database files; there is no line for that in the SQL section. But it's in the default directory so it should know where it is automatically ... ?

      Help???!!! Can someone walk me through the steps to see why it isn't pointing to the databases?