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    Upgrading from RH7 to RH8 - Correct upgrade process

    Rannveig Østevik Level 1



      I have had RH8 for a while, but still worked with my project in RH7. The two versions are installed on two different computers.


      I am now about to upgrade my project to RH8, and I have seen all the discussions about people having problems with upgrading to RH8. I have installed the patch 8.0.2. With this patch, will I encounter problems upgrading my project? Are there any precautions I should take (apart from a backup)?


      I did try to search the forums, and I know there is a lot of information about the problems that occurred if you upgraded a project before installing patch 8.0.2. But I couldn't find any relevant topics describing how to updgrade a project after installing patch 8.0.2.



      Rannveig Østevik