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    Printed Documentation: Section names are names of the topics' HTML files, and not the topics' names

    avi10000 Level 1

      Hi all,


      Using RH 7.03.001.


      I have completed a draft of my Help and I want to export it to a Word document to give to the SME to review. I want the Word document's chapter/section structure and naming to mirror the TOC topic structure I have created for the Help.


      I opened the Printed Documentation properties, and in the window Print Document Content - Printed Documentation I clear the old Chapter layout and populate it with the whole TOC (using >>). I discover that while RH has preserved the names of the top-level books as the chapter names of the Word document, and also the topic structure has been preserved as the Word document's section structure, the section names have all been copied from the names of the topics' HTML files (ok, apart from having spaces instead of underscores between the words). Now I know that I should maintain parallelism of structure and naming, however when I am developing the TOC that maintenance takes time, and so until the SME has given the final OK on section structure and naming, I would rather not do the same work twice over.


      Is there any switch of which I am not aware that will copy the book/topic naming of the RH TOC as section naming for the Word document?