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    AS3 Flash communication with flex/Air.

      It's something i have read about in older threads but it was not exactly what i was looking for.

      I'm using a drag&drop in a flash (loaded in flex via swfloader) and i get a valid droptarget that is in the context of flex.
      I want to call a method of this reference (application level).

      In AS3, i get error 1061 (undeclared method).

      Here is the available solutions:
      - Redo the movie in AS2 (to bypass the compile error)
      - Use targetRef.call("method")

      I used the call method but i havent found the way to pass parameter.. Do i really have to declare a fakeObject having the method i want to call and then do FakeObject.call(targetRef, parameter...)??

      I'm confortable with localConnections..would it be the prefered way to make a connection from FlashAS3 to Flex (calling a method at application level)? [Or maybe there is a way to make the loaded flash "Air aware"??