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    How can I monitor status of a task over time


      I have a application which contains a Tree control and a Button control.

      The Tree is used for representing a XML file content, and the Button is used for buliding XML

      files. the brief work flow is like below:

      I click the Button to invoke a Java function to build XML files to a certain directory on my disk using RemoteObject, while this operation usually takes some time to complete. and I don't know how much time it will cost, when the job finishes.

      Meanwhile, the application is trying to read those XML files just built as DataProvider for the Tree.


      So the problem is when I try to read those XML files after I click the Button, those XML files may not exist yet in the directory.


      I am thinking of using a progressBar to show the progress of building XML files, then to read those XML files after build work complete.But I am not sure if it works.


      thank you for any helps.