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    tielList populete with xml

      Hi All
      I am new to flex and am trying to figure out how to populate the tileList. I have an xml file that will be the dataProvider but cant seem to figure out quite how to plug it in. here is my xml http://www.technologypassport.com/techPass/showXMLn.php. The ultimate goal of what I am trying to do is use the accordian with a tileList in each part displaying images/swf and some data. I have a html version using js here http://www.technologypassport.com/techPass...AccordClean.php. So the product name from the xml would be an accordian layer. then all the panels would populate the tileList. The data will be dynamic. I have not been able to find a good tutorial or a reference how to do anything close to this so any help would be great.