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    Digital Signature Authentication


      We have developed a form that requires multiple digital signatures. With each signature, it is forwarded on to the next manager via a submit button and the form attaches to a new email. Last week I updated the form and added a new person's email address to the drop-down menu along with their email address. I extended the rights for users and it seemed to be working beautifully. However, as of late yesterday users were getting a message stating they could not sign and some previous signatures had the ? mark as those signatures could not be authenticated. HELP! I don't know if its a problem with the digital signature or I did or didn't do something??

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          N Santosh Kumar Adobe Employee

          Please check if the Reader Extension credential used is valid.




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            Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee

            Hi Sandi,


            First up, I highly doubt that this is related to the validity of the Reader Extension credential, nor is that something you even need to worry about.


            If one of the signatures is in an unknown state (the question mark icon) then there is a prompt to warn the next signer that they are signing a file with signature problems, but it doesn't prevent signing from occurring. Let's get some background information to help figure this out.


            First up, do you know what application is being used (e.g. Acrobat or Adobe Reader)? Next, what is the version of the application? Finally, this message that users are getting, can you tell me what it says verbatim?