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    Help, I need help producing a HD DVD?


      I am a novice and just purchased a Canon HD Camcorder VIXEA HV 40.  I need to know what I need to edit and publish my HD video to DVD. My desktop is a HP with 2 gb of memory and 400gb HD.  It has a ATAPI DVD A DH1GAYHATA, DVD/CD drive .It has a 32 bit OS. The display is NVIDIA Geo Force 7500 LE. I am  using VISTA home addition.

      I purchased Adobe Elements 8 and was able to capture short segments of video.  When I tried to edit and then produce a movie (less than 5 minutes) I got a warning I was running out of memory.

      Using Adobe Elements 8 is extremely slow.

      I am told my current "system" probably will only support lower resolution (standard) video. Even if I amable to edit the HD video, I'll need an upgraded DVD drive to burn HD videos to disk.  DVDs I can play on a Blue-Ray?


         What is needed to take advantage of the HD video capability of my new HD Canon Camcorder?