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    pdf's freeze using Reader in server based Mac 10.6 or 10.5


      I support several hundred iMac's for a school district. We have a site license for Adobe CS4 (and CS3). The user's accounts are server based. The programs are installed on the local computer. If I create a local account and log into that local account all functions normally. However, if I or anyone else for that matter logs in using the server based account, pdf's freeze. Also, when logged into the server, if you try to install a new version of Reader it errors looking for a disk. What the program is really looking for is the users' local account which of course doesn't exist locally because I am logged into the server. I've had Apple out to look at the server and local iMacs. They say all is functioning normally and this is a known Adobe problem. Apparently the program can't find the users account on the server. I have used a workaround with Preview and Word but that's not a solution. Any ideas?