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    Multipage PDF with SWF files

    rjonesatTandT Level 1

      I'm creatinging a multipage PDF document that has mulitple swf files embedded in it.  For example on Page 1 I'm showing a DataGrid and the user has the option to change the datagrid to a columnchart, with the same type of stuff on page 2.  When you go from page 1 to page 2 the swf file on page is basically 'unloaded' and if I print the document while on page 2 I can only get the inital view, the data grid, to show up.  Is there a command that basically keeps all the swf files loaded so I'm able to print the columnchart on page 1 if I'm on anothe page?  I'm new to flex so I'm probably not explaining this well.