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    Change XML tag based on IF a field has content ??


      Here is what I am trying to accomplish:


      I have a PDF with 2 text form fields.  When the user returns the form, I will be exporting XML to be used in InDesign.


      If field 1 has content and field 2 does not, I want to have field 1  tagged something like this: <field1_single>

      If both fields have content, I want to tag them something like this: <field1_double> and <field2_double>


      I want to populate 2 different different frames (placeholders) in InDesign, so if the form is returned with field 1 only filled out I can populate one frame, and if the form has field 1 and field 2 filled out, I can populate a seperate frame.


      I hope that makes sense.