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    Need help in getting more information on Adobe AIR


      Hello RoboHelp Experts,


      I use RoboHelp version6 and I generate Adobe’s WebHelp as an output type for our Web-based application. I am the only person in my company who works with this tool. My supervisor is interested in Adobe AIR. I have done some research and I know that to have this functionality we will have to buy a new version 8. However, I am not sure if Adobe AIR will work with the WebHelp output? I think Adobe AIR generates a single file similar to .CHM.


      These are the following questions I have:


      1. Does Adobe AIR only generate a single file similar to .CHM or it can also generate a WebHelp?
      2. If the answer to the first question is yes that it can generate a WebHelp as well then the second question would be - does Adobe AIR WebHelp include all the functionalities as it does for a single file? Is the WebHelp output as reliable as a single file output?
      3. Since I am the only person who is in charge of doing this how difficult it will be for me to upgrade to version 8 and generating Adobe AIR WebHelp, especially when I don’t know the programming.


      Thanks so much