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    If / Then statement needed


      I'm working with Designer 6 and need a simple If-Then statement.

      Field1 is a dropdown box, Field2 will contain text IF Field1 is populated.  I was trying below but it's not working.  Please help.


      var descriptioncol="The services were performed in-house by carrier's salaried employees.";

      else if(FIELD1.rawValue==0)
      FIELD2.rawValue="  ";

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is an Acrobat JavaScript form forum and not a LiveCycle Designer form forum. At least I think you are referring to LiveCycle Designer and not InDesign.


          From your post it appears you are using LiveCycle Designer and not Acrobat forms tool for creating your form. If you are using LiveCycle Designer for your script you will need to set the language option to 'JavaScript' and not 'FormCalc'.

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            RushFan99 Level 1

            You are correct, I'm using LiveCycle and I have set my language option to Javascript.  If this isn't the correct forum, can you direct me to a website where I can get LiveCycle Javascript assistance?