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    FlexUnit report XML format deviates from that of JUnit

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      We are starting to get some mileage from the CI support in FlexUnit4 - thanks to all for the work on this. Currently we are using the CI builds from the FlexUnit Hudson server: FlexUnit4-Flex3.2 Dec14-2009-10.11.11PM.  Aside: We tried the RC 1.0, but it does not contain the CIListener SWC or the Ant tasks.


      I am having issues getting our in-house CI testing system to process the XML reports generated by FlexUnit4.  It was my understanding that FlexUnit4 produced equivalent XML report output as JUnit.  However, even when using the debug Flash player, this does not seem to be the case.


      Consider the following element from a JUnit produced XML report:


      <testsuite errors="0" failures="0" hostname="myhost" name="com.services.publish.test.TestDAV" tests="1" time="7.0" timestamp="2009-04-27T18:00:18">


      And this element from a FlexUnit4 generated XML report:


      <testsuite name="com.commons.resources.ResourceLoaderTest" tests="9" failures="1" errors="0" skipped="0" time="0.0">



      Notice the differences in the attributes specified by JUnit versus FlexUnit4.  In particular, JUnit includes "hostname" and "timestamp" attributes, but FlexUnit4 does not.  FWIW, FlexUnit4 includes "skipped" which JUnit omits.


      Before I check out the latest FlexUnit4 source for the Ant tasks, I was wondering if developers could tell me if there is a reason for the exclusion of hostname and timestamp?  In particular, timestamp is crucial for us due to the way our existing reporting dashboard has been designed.