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    Calculating duration between cue point?

      I'm using Flash Pro CS3. My project is AS2 targeting FP8.

      I have an flv component on stage. My .flv has cue points and I have buttons underneath the component that show the title of each navigation cuepoint in a dynamic text field. I have another dynamic text field that shows the cuepoint time for each cuepoint, positioned next the the title of the cuepoint. That all works well but hoping to accomplish a bit more and can't find any code help.

      The three things I'm trying to do are:
      1. Instead of showing current time at a particular cuepoint, show the duration of the section/chapter, if you will. How can I calculate duration between two cuepoints and display it in my dynamic text field? Is there something I should do when encoding/adding the cuepoints or can I use AS with the cuepoints I have?

      2. Once I get that duration and have it display instead of the actual cuepoint time, have it countdown backwards when the playhead is in that "chapter"?

      3. Show these times in the mm:ss format?

      Thanks for any help or links you think might be helpful...