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    use a canvas how?

      So here's what I want to do: draw on a 'canvas' type thing, and also use fancy flex-style buttons and ui stuff.

      I'm not sure if my approach is correct - I programmed the drawing part using nothing but actionscript, and drawing to the graphics object, using coordinates of the stage in calculations, etc. However, in changing to a flex application, things don't seem to work right - the stage seems to get constructed way late (too late to initialize my code), I can't seem to contain actionscript objects in the child of the canvas, the coordinate system seems to be different.

      Am I even on the right track? How would one go about doing what I want to do, which is a lot of 'drawing by hand', plus reacting to mouse events, plus fancy ui components, all on the same screen? I'm just looking for general suggestions along the lines of "oh, inherit from flex.hoopty..."