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    Nikon D3s + PrPro-CS4 w/ Vista64 Newbie Help?

    Russell_MTL Level 1

      I know, a D3s is not a real video camera...


      I sure could use a few pointers to at least get started with just getting the video to display properly in PrProCS4, if someone has the time to offer some help?


      I can open/ edit/ save the AVI file that the D3s creates with Premiere Elements v7, no problem. But when I open the same video in PremierePro CS4 I hear the audio, but the video does not move.


      I'll soon be watching the Lynda Learning Premiere Pro videos (haven't started my free 30 day trial). But is there something specific I need to know just to get started with editing D3s video with PProCS4?


      My System: P4-PC Quad 2.5GHz, 8GB RAM, Vista64, 2x WD 300GB 10k VelociRaptor Drives w/60GB free on the scratch. Works flawlessly with Photoshop CS4(64) and all' openGL' stuff works there.


      Here's where I am now:


      1) In the New Project I selected DV and HDV (tried both). The D3s manual states: 1280 x 720 pixels HD @ 24fps.


      2) I used the DV-24P Widescreen 32kHz sequence preset (D3s built-in audio is only 11-12bit audio)


      I then double-clicked on a clip in the media browser and it appeared in the Source window with the 1st frame of the video displayed. So far so good :-)  I then pressed the 'play' button below it and nothing moves in the video.


      So that’s where I'm stuck. Could someone please help point me in the right direction :-)


      Thanks for any help to just get started..