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    Trim question

    DrDaddio Level 1

      I am using Illustrator CS3 on an PC running WinXPPro.  In the attached file I want to "subtract" the donut from the black lines below, just like a cookie cutter.  I want the donut to go away and just leave what's in the hole and outside the donut.  How would I do that?  I've tried everything and nothing seems to really work cleanly.


      Also, why is the file so big?




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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Two things. One, there is a second copy of each of the lines in the irregular shape, probably generated when you used the offset path command which was broken in CS3. Also there were lots of extraneous points on the lines. Use the Object>Path>Simplify with Straight lines checked to go from 6900 points to less than 100. Two, don't include the ICC profiles unless absolutely necessary. The file size dropped from 1 MB to less than 200K when saving without the profile.

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            DrDaddio Level 1

            Thank you.  That explains the large file size.  I couldn't see where there was a second copy of each line in the irregular shape.  I tried selecting the lines individually and deleting or moving and didn't find a second line below. Still, the Simplifiy command reduced the number of point significantly.


            I can copy the donut several times and subtract it from each of the individual irregular shapes, but is there a way to do it in one step, where it subtracts from all the irregular shapes in one shot?


            Thanks again.