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    Clear a single paragraph style override throughout a 200 page document

    roman_ Level 1

      I can select the whole story and clear all overrides. But since I'm talking about a 200 pp. document with consistently applied paragraph style (which is consisently overriden) I would much rather do something like this:


      find & change command >

      find > paragraph style: OneStyleName

      change > paragraph style: OneStyleName with all overrides cleared


      change all and boom!


      Unfortunately I haven't found any way to do that thus far. Do any of you guys have a trick, function, script, GREP style, whatever to somehow let me clear all overrides of just one paragraph style (other overrides should stay) in a 200 page text? Of course, I'm trying to save days of work going through the text and manually clicking Alt+Style in the P.Style Palette.


      Thanks a ton!