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    Distributing Forms

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      I have created a form in LiveCycle and would like to distribute it using Acrobat.com if I can, but I have a few questions as I've done some work on it and read up on it.


      1.  For others to fill out the form in Reader or Acrobat I read something that made it sound like everyone who was going to use it needed to have an to sign in with.  Is that true?


      2.  My e-mail client is Lotus Notes Full Client and when I go in and try to distribute the forms and select e-mail address after signing in, the computer locks up like it can't handle the volume of e-mail addresses to pull up or if I do get something in, it gets stuck "resolving e-mail addresses."  Is that because my e-mail is something other than Outlook or an internet based mail system and therefore it doesn't "talk" well with Adobe?


      3.  Why is that when I try to merge files into Excel to view the data, I can only see useful information when my files come back as pdfs and not xmls or xpds?


      Thanks for your help!