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    renaming project files and folders causes RH 7 to hang

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      I've been trying to clean up one of my RH 7 projects. It currently has 388 topics, with lots of internal cross-references. When I originally created the topics and folders, I didn't think about my naming conventions, so a lot of my folder and files names were really long with embedded spaces. In addition, I've rearranged and rewritten a lot of information over the past few years. Since I've had problems with file references that were too long (because the topic was so deeply nested), I decided to simplify the folder and file names where I can and also to rename files to more closely match their current content.


      I'm most of the way through this process, but I'm worried that I have somehow corrupted my project. It now takes two or three attempts for me to rename a project file or folder. If the folder has only a few topics, I usually need to wait 3-5 minutes after I rename it for the topics to appear in their new location. However, if I rename a folder that contains other folders or lots of topics, the system typically hangs partway through the process. I've had to recover by renaming the CPD file, restarting RH, and waiting for RH to rebuild the CPD. Then I cross my fingers and try again.


      Even simple changes to project folder names (deleting the underscore in "System_Administration") cause my system to crash.


      In all other aspects, the project *seems* to be ok--it still generates all right and the links and cross references are working great even after all the name changes. So I'm not sure if the project is really corrupted or if something else could be going on.  I do know that my hard drive is pretty full and that there's some antivirus software running in the background that's been causing performance issues in other areas.


      Any ideas?

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          nevermind....my problem just went away. Here's what I did--not sure which of these made the difference: (1) changed the settings in the antivirus software to not scan new files in my RH directories and (2) installed the RH 7.0.3 update . Ever since I did that, I can rename files and folders to my heart's content--it took me less than 1 hour to complete what I've been trying to do in the last day and half.