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    Hyperlink to a zip file fails during compile


      RoboHTML v.5.0.3

      Windows XP, Office 2007


      In my help file I create a hyperlink to a *.zip file (128MB) that is located on my C drive.

      The Zip appears in my baggage files.

      The Zip file contains an .exe and .msi file.


      Everything compiles when creating the chm except the zip file.


      Media Manager Demo
      HHC5001: Error:
      Media Manager Demo :
      An error occurred while reading "c:\Program Files\RoboHelp Office\RoboHTML\ESI Demo Kit\!SSL!\Microsoft_HTML_Help\!chm_tmp_folder_0\Media Manager Demo".


      HHC5003: Error:
      Media Manager Demo :
      Compilation failed while compiling Media Manager Demo

      The following files were not compiled:


      Media Manager Demo


      I've searched for info on this topic but can't find any. Is it possible to create a hyperlink to a Zip file?

      Any help is appreciated.