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    cycler Level 1
      I know search engines have been discussed... but. I also did search this list and read many posts.

      I had a bad sitemap.xml file and deleted it, but still have problems with http://wadler.org/Biking/learntoride.php.
      Other search engines can't seem to find it. I haven't worried about search engines in the past but now want it found.

      Do I need to get more sites linked to me?

      I spent over an hour at Google, which is why I got rid of the XML file. Seems google wants it back.

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          z7server Level 1
          Hi, the sitemap.xml file is not important, do not worry about it,
          but what you need it is more backlinks of course, there are a lot of free directories, where you can submit your site, and after that wait a month and you will see every search engine will found you,