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    JSAPI: How can I edit a button symbol?


      I have written an export script for Flash CS3 using the Javascript API, and now I want to port it to Fireworks CS3. The first problem I ran into was that I could not access a button symbol's state frames via script - the closest I get is up to the Instance object, but I could not access the frames or layers inside. I used a for-each-loop to trace all of the Instance object's properties but did not find anything that could have helped me.

      Then I had another idea: I noticed that unlike Flash, Fireworks opens button symbols as a new document when I edit them. And the Fireworks Document object does indeed have a property called "isSymbolDocument" that returns true if a document "is a symbol-editing window."
      But once again I stumbled upon a problem, namely that I did not manage to find a "symbol editing command" (the equivalent to double-clicking it) in the Javascript API. :(

      I'd be grateful for any hints, maybe there is even a much easier way to access button symbol states?