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    series of jpegs to animated gif (or wmv)

    JerryCied Level 1



      Is there any way to take some 25-50 sequentially numbered jpegs and output either an animated gif or a wmv?

      Either in fireworks or any other adobe product?


      i dont want to have to drag and drop all 50 images. Something faily automatic would be nice.


      Thank you

      Jerry C

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          In Fireworks, choose File > Open. Browse to the folder where the series of images is stored. Press Shift and click on the images to select them. Check the Open as Animation box at the bottom of the Open dialog window, and then click on the Open button. Your series of images are automagically loaded into states, ready to optimise and export as a GIF animation.


          Since the images are JPEG's, you might want to experiment with exporting the animation in Flash (SWF) format. To do that, choose File > Save As. In the Save as dialog window, give the file a name. For Save Copy As, choose Adobe Flash SWF. Click on the Options button to open the SWF Export Options dialog window. Once you've finished, choose Save. Ta Da! :-)